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What items to Pack and not to Pack for Moving Day!

You have finally decided on a professional moving company after doing some research, so now comes the overwhelming job of packing! Where do you begin? You may have already decided to have the movers do some packing for you. But first, you need to sort out what items get packed and what items not to pack. There are some items in your home that require proper packing and handling, and there are also some items that should not be packed up at all. Contact your moving company prior to moving day if you have any questions about a specific item or items.

Items that require special disassembly or crating, such as exercise equipment, pianos, pool tables, grandfather clocks, hot tubs, marble tops or any tables with glass tops, oil paintings and expensive mirrors, it is safest to hire licensed and insured professional movers. They have the experience to pack or crate these large items and handle them safely when moving them.

Listed below is a guideline on what to pack and not to pack:

  • Perishable items – refrigerators and freezers should be powered down and emptied 24 hours before moving day. This prevents mildew and odor allowing the appliance to dry out completely. Throw out any perishable food that will not store while moving. Food, animals and live plants are perishables and will need special handling instructions and care, therefore it is always recommended and the customers responsibility to carry with them when moving.
  • Dangerous items – flammable or hazardous items such as batteries, car oil, charcoal, gasoline, cleaning fluids, ammunition, propane tanks are illegal for movers to transport due to safety hazards. These items you can give away to neighbors or take to recycling centers or fire stations to be disposed of properly.
  • Irreplaceable items – these may be items that are of sentimental value or of importance. Items such as personal files, checkbooks, financial statements, software, stocks and bonds may be a good idea to carry with you. Any personal items such as jewelry, cash, medicines and other valuables it is also recommended to carry those with you.

Your professional movers are here to help and advise you on any specific questions or problems that may arise while packing up your items or they can even pack for you. They have the experience on how to move those large, hard-to-handle items. This will ensure that your moving day will run as smoothly and safely as possible!