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To Pack or not to Pack? Many options to let the movers pack for you!

Have you finally made the decision to move? Now comes all the other million decisions that need to be made once you decide to move your household! The first one may seem like a simple one: do you move yourself or pay for full-service movers to pack up all your belongings and move them to your new residence for you? Doing some research and checking options first is a good idea, because you may not be aware of all the different moving options you have.

And depending on how much free time you have or don’t have and how flexible your schedule is, you can pick an option that works best for your busy lifestyle.

There are three basic types of Packers:

  • Full Pack – packers come to your home and expertly wrap and pack all items. Boxes are labeled to ensure they arrive at correct location.
  • Partial Pack – Packers will pack one item, one room, or entire home, whatever you request.
  • Unpack – packers come and unpack for you and put away items as directed or labeled on the boxes.

There are many ways that you can combine your labor with professional services, which will save you both time and money. A full-service moving company can do all the packing and unpacking for you, or will let you do some or all of the packing yourself. The ideal situation is to relinquish as much of the moving job as possible to the professionals. If you have it all hired, your home and its belongings will remain intact and living in it will not feel like a “war-zone” with belongings scattered or packed away when you are still in need of these items, such as cooking utensils, pots ,pans and of course personal items and clothing.

Moving professionals are trained and experienced in packing all items, including large fragile hard-to- move items such as pianos, mirrors and large heavy pieces of furniture. You won’t have the added worry of those items getting damaged or broken during the move. They will label each box and what room it is to be moved to, so as to avoid confusion later when boxes will be strewn everywhere! Professional movers are experienced in packing and are quick, safe and efficient. They can pack up your household within days, whereas, it may take homeowners weeks or even months to pack up their households.

However, if packing up your own belongings works best for you and your budget, then your mover can work out a plan that best suits your needs. The good news about moving and all the decisions you will be making is that you have options!