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Moving? How to Pack & Label Boxes

If you are getting ready to move in the Maryland, Metro DC or No. Virginia area, the best way to go about all the planning and packing is to start with making lists. Write everything down and you will be thanking yourself later! Lists will be very helpful in assisting you with just about everything that has to be done. You will be too busy, overwhelmed and preoccupied with the moving details that you are bound to forget things that need to be done or even where you put certain items around your home.

Once your professional mover is on board, they are here to assist you in all your moving and packing needs! Your professional moving company can supply the boxes in every size needed for an additional charge, if you simply do not have the time to run around collecting boxes from different places. It can be very time consuming and physically demanding to collect and store these boxes yourself. And you will need a lot of them in all different shapes and sizes. Your professional movers can also supply you with specialty boxes and wooden crates for those specialty items such as large mirrors, framed artwork, computers and printers and any other large and fragile items.

Here is a typical Packing Supply List:

    • 25 small moving boxes
    • 15 medium moving boxes
    • 15 large moving boxes
    • 5 extra-large moving boxes
    • 10 heavy duty boxes
    • 10 wardrobe boxes
    • 4 unprinted news wrap
    • 1 roll of bubble wrap
    • 1 roll of tissue paper
    • 1 permanent black marker
    • Roll of sealing tape
    • White labels to paste on boxes
        Once you have your boxes you can now start with packing and labeling them. Packing your stuff can be tedious and time consuming and you may just be tempted to throw your things in random boxes without much wrapping or labeling involved and leave it at that. If your packing is hurried and unorganized, you risk your things possibly becoming damaged, broken or even lost. And your unpacking may be disorganized as well and take even more time because boxes weren’t labeled correctly from the beginning. Your professional moving company is experienced in packing and labeling all your boxes safely and securely so your items will be safe from any damage, breakage and all boxes will be labeled with the correct contents and which room it belongs in.

Remember: once your things are packed away in boxes it is always a good idea to label everything! Label each box on all sides and the room it belongs in. It is even a great idea to map out your new residence and know where your furniture is being placed first and then where the boxes should be stacked in that particular room. This will allow for a very organized and very smooth unpacking of all your things in your new home!