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How to Pack your Bedroom for a Move!

Are you getting ready to move and don’t know where to begin? Before you can even begin packing a room you have to organize it first. Knowing what to pack and what to leave behind will save you time and money. The less you have to pack and take with you saves time in packing and unpacking. Kitchens and bedrooms are the most time-consuming rooms to pack up for a move. Knowing where to start will help with the overwhelming feeling when packing up for a move.

Listed below are steps on how to pack up your bedroom:

  • Clean your room – cleaning your bedroom will help with organizing it and knowing where everything is. You can straighten and go through your things while cleaning.
  • Set aside unwanted items – this is the perfect time to go through your items, clothing, furniture, accessories and knick-knacks and make piles of items you are taking and items you are giving away or throwing out.
  • Pack small items first – packing up any knick-knacks, picture frames, posters, books, movies and any other decorations will help get the small items out of your way and clear your space. Use plenty of bubble wrap and packing paper for the fragile items.
  • Collect large bins/boxes – you will need large boxes to pack your larger items such as your clothing, shoes, pillows, curtains, bedding and electronics.
  • Check all boxes and bins for labeling – check that your fragile items are wrapped securely in tissue or wrapping paper and sealed with packing tape. Check that larger boxes are secured tight with packing tape. Label all boxes and bins with their contents and which room they belong in.
  • Clean and Make Repairs – now that knick-knacks, clothing and bedding are packed up and out of the way, your room is now empty and easier to clean. Make any repairs on holes in walls and ceiling, paint walls with primer, steam clean and vacuum carpet.

Make sure you have your packing supplies on hand before you get started: Small, medium and large cartons, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape and marker for labeling. Your professional movers can supply any boxes or moving supplies that you need for an additional charge and can even pack up your items for you to save you time. You can visit our website for more tips on packing and moving: