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How to Avoid Moving Scams – Simple Checklist

We have all heard the horror stories regarding disreputable moving companies. Movers load up your things one day and hold it hostage demanding more money, or disappear altogether with your things and resell them later. Not only can they demand more money, but when your things are finally returned to you they may not be in their original condition possibly damaged, scratched or broken. How can you avoid these unprofessional moving companies and the hassles and heartache of not going with a reputable company? Do your homework and check them out first!

Here is a simple checklist to follow:

    1. Get 3 estimates – when shopping around for movers it is prudent to get at least 3 estimates for comparison so you can check if the prices are fair or not. The most common scam is overcharging for your move.
    2. Investigate the company first – Check with your area’s Better Business Bureau for complaints filed and websites solely dedicated to moving scams such as These contain a “blacklist” of companies on it that contain bad and good experiences.
    3. The company should visit your home – a representative should come to the client’s residence and physically look at the logistics and contents of what has to be moved. Reputable moving companies will spend time with their clients answering questions and providing guidance for packing tips. Beware of internet companies that do not have their own facility or warehouse and do not own their own moving trucks.
    4. Insist on a contract that covers everything – a good contract should spell out all the details of the move and its contents and there should be no “hidden charges” for example “drivers fee”. The contract should consist of pages of information containing details of the move. Scam companies make it sound too easy “Moving from Point A to Point B, here’s the price”.
    5. Real estate agent recommendations – general consensus among moving professionals is usually word of mouth. Friends and family are fine but real estate agents know the ins and outs of the housing industry and can be the most reliable sources.


Doing your homework and investigating the company first will ensure that you are hiring a professional moving company that has DOT# and MC numbers along with Insurance for protection and claims. Please visit our website for more information