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Another happy customer…

Hello Fabiola,

Thank you for the follow up.

The move went very well and we are very happy with the service and professionalism of the staff and movers.

We would definitely recommend BB&D Moving to friends and family members.

Thank you so much to you and all of the other staff of BB&D for making our move and transition such a seamless process!



Unpacking after a Move: What to unpack First

Watching the moving trucks drive away while you are standing in your new residence surrounded by boxes everywhere can be a most overwhelming sight! What is the best way to begin? You had the foresight to label all your boxes and even labeled the contents of each box and which room they belong in. The key to unpacking your boxes is to plan well on the packing end of your move.

abeling all your boxes and even placing colored stickers on the moving boxes with a color-coded floor plan, will aid the movers in placing boxes in the proper rooms. This kind of planning and organization beforehand will determine how easy your unpacking will be.

Some helpful tips:

  • Packing the truck – The trick is last one in first one out– When loading a moving truck your professional movers will possess the know how to load the truck properly. Discuss with the movers what items are most essential in getting your home up and running and they will pack the truck accordingly. For example: bedroom furniture loaded last so when it comes off the truck it’s easier for the movers to carry up the stairs to the bedrooms.
  • Plan to set up the most important room first – For most people this may either be the kitchen or the bedroom. If you feel more at home unpacking some kitchen items to make a meal for your family or if it’s the bedroom so you can feel at home with your personal things. It is best to set up the room that will make you feel the most in control of your environment.

Tackling the unpacking room by room is the best system and will go smoothly if you take the time to organize and label everything. Your professional movers can also take care of the unpacking for you, at an additional cost, if you don’t have the time in your busy schedule. For more tips on moving please visit our website: