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It’s Moving Day – A Simple Checklist

Your important day is finally here- moving day! You have planned for this day weeks or even months in advance, with so many things to accomplish before your professional movers arrive. With all the planning, packing and throwing out, it is now time for your move. How does one prepare to leave a residence for the last time? It’s not an easy job, but following a checklist will help alleviate that overwhelming feeling of “so much to do, so little time”. A list will keep you organized and on track to get everything done:

  • What to pack before the movers – Once family members are ready, you can pack up the last of the personal items from the bathrooms and kitchen, throwing out any last remains of food. Any food items that you keep, pack in freezer bags so the food does not spoil and carry it with you in your vehicle along with any cleaning supplies for touch up jobs. Strip the beds and mark the boxed linens last on truck so these boxes are first off truck to be brought to the upper level of your new residence.
  • What to do when your mover arrives – Most importantly have your master checklist in hand and ready to reference when you are going over details with your professional movers. Start at the top of your list and check off items as you go. Pay close attention to the moving process since it will be your responsibility to see that all items are removed from your residence. Your professional movers will have a crew leader assigned to load the truck in the correct order with the boxes marked according to which rooms they belong in.
  • What to do once the house is empty – It may be a good idea to clean up the areas in your old home now that the space is empty. Leaving the house as clean as possible for the new residents will make it that much easier for them to move in.

Looking around your old home may make you feel sentimental, but watching the moving trucks pull into the driveway at your new residence will give you a feeling of excitement for your new home. For more moving tips please visit our website: