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Planning a Move – When is the best time

Moving into a new home on a certain day or even month, when most people aren’t planning their move could save you time and money. By planning your move during mid-week or off-season, you will have the most resources available to you in terms of moving companies, moving vehicles and packing supplies. The ideal time to move is when movers are least busy and you will be able to pick the exact day and time if possible, since their schedules may not be as full. It will also mean that you may not feel as rushed, if you pick a day that is less busy for you and your movers.

Three best times to move:

  • Best days of the week to move – the best days to move are Monday to Thursday because most people are planning their move for the weekends. This is especially true for do-it yourself moves and renting trucks to move. The worst days to move are typically the weekends-Friday to Sunday because most people are not working then and plan their move.
  • Best day of the month to move – the best day of the month to move is mid-month on or around the 15th of the month. This may be because there are no major holidays with fewer people moving and requiring moving services and supplies and prices will be better too. The worst day, because it is the busiest, is on the 1st of the month. This is typically when everyone else is moving and prices may be higher.
  • Best month of the year to move – depending on your personal goals avoid your move starting mid-month May to September if your schedule allows. These are typically the busiest months of the year to move. Scheduling your move during the fall and winter will help in obtaining the best prices possible for your move.

Remember, these are all good suggestions depending on your schedule and your family’s, and will give you a good timeframe when planning your next move. For more moving tips visit our website: