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Planning a Move out of State? Moving tips checklist

Planning a move out of state may take twice as long to plan as a local move would. Not only do you have to plan a move long distance but you also have to plan for setting up a residence in another state. This type of move takes longer to plan because you are coordinating everything long distance, which may not be an easy task! Relocating to another state requires different organization in terms of planning a budget also.

An out of state move will be more costly for your movers to move your household belongings from one state to another. You may feel overwhelmed by relocating out of state, so it is recommended to start organizing your move at least six months to one year ahead of time.

Four tips for moving out of state:

  • Search for reliable interstate movers – in order to find the best movers, research moving companies by reading reviews and checking moving scam websites such as before you hire a professional mover. The moving company should always send out a sales consultant for an on-site visit to discuss all your moving requirements. Also, check if your professional mover is fully equipped for an out of state move and offers storage facility services for any items you may need to have stored. You need an experienced interstate moving company that will offer you the advice and moving consultation of what to expect.
  • Planning change of utilities for your new residence – you will need to arrange for all utilities ahead of time and also to have your current utilities turned off when you leave your home.
  • Prepare for moving day – Start packing early and arrange ahead of time any items you may need stored. Keep all the moving information and any other important documentation in one file so you can access it. If you are taking a flight to your new home, keep these important documents with you for security reasons.
  • Prepare for costs – when relocating to a new state you will be charged by weight, volume and amount of your items. It is recommended to get three different quotes from professional moving companies in order to choose the company who best fits your budget and personal needs.

Remember to allow as much time as possible when scheduling your move out of state to avoid any scheduling conflicts with your mover and to secure the moving dates that you want. For more moving tips visit our website: