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Getting Ready to Sell? – October is National Kitchen & Bath Month

Whether you are getting ready to sell a home or even stay in your current home, remodeling is always a great investment. October is National Kitchen and Bath month and this month is the most popular month to remodel your kitchen or bath. If you are thinking of putting your home on the market in the next year or two, prospective buyers will always look at the kitchen and baths as the number one priority when deciding whether to buy a home.

Some points to consider:

Why update your kitchen or bath? A newly updated kitchen or bath can be the one important feature that home buyers are looking for when they are looking at homes to purchase. Walking into a home and seeing new appliances with up-to-date technology may be the one deciding factor in purchasing a home. Having a move-in ready home where the improvements have already been made versus purchasing a home that need to have updates done before move-in, many home buyers will usually go for the move-in ready home if they can afford to. Many real estate agents will agree that a kitchen can make or break the sale of a home.

Getting ready to sell – If you are getting ready to sell your home in the future and don’t have the time or money to completely renovate your home, you can pick one room to update. Typically real estate agents would advise it to be the kitchen, since that is the “heart of the home” and many prospective buyers will look at that room first. It is also recommended to “stage” your home by moving your furniture around in different rooms for a “new look” or even buying some new pieces to “freshen up” your rooms. Even small updates will improve the look of the room, whether it’s updating appliances, cabinets, repainting walls, new floors etc.

Getting ready for a move requires a lot of preparation with hiring professional movers and packing up your household. You don’t want the added worry of cleaning up your home each time people come in to look it over while it’s on the market. BB&D Transportation can also store any overflow household goods while your home is up for sale, if you need extra storage space, along with recycling or disposal services. Newly updated rooms will help keep your home looking fresh and new and free up your time to plan and pack for your move.

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