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Moving during the Winter Months – Some Good Tips

Scheduling your moving during the winter months is a good time because it will be more economical and not as busy, although it is not without some risks to be aware of during this time of year. Since most people typically do not schedule their move around the colder months due to the bad weather and the busy holiday season, rates for moving can actually be cheaper. So scheduling your move between the months of December through March, you will experience better rates and a more flexible schedule with your professional movers since they are not as busy during these months. This will allow you to pick the exact date and time frame for your move that will work into your schedule and busy lifestyle. So moving in winter can have its advantages, although there can be some weather related risks you should be prepared for.

Three good tips for moving in winter:

  1. Back-up plan for inclement weather – having a backup plan with your professional movers is wise just in case a storm blows in and threatens your move. Checking into their policies during inclement weather conditions and what options are available to you, just in case you are forced to reschedule your move. Typically, if you are unable to move out than no one can move in and things are at a standstill till the weather clears out. Checking with your professional movers and their policies will be the safest route to make certain you are covered either way.
  2. Plan your travel route & service your car – if you are driving to your new destination, mapping out the safest travel route along major highways, will be the safest route to travel, should a storm hit while you are on the road. Pack your vehicle with emergency items such as blankets, ice scrapers, windshield fluid, shovels etc. Getting your car serviced and all weather tires installed is a good idea.
  3. Your professional movers are here to help – BB&D Moving & Storage offers a fleet of safe and reliable moving trucks that can safely move your household items to your new destination. Also offering storage facilities should you experience any inclement weather conditions and need storage facilities to safely store your items.

Moving during the winter months has its advantages and being prepared with a back-up plan and some preparation will help make your move successful. For moving tips or to schedule a move visit our website: