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Planning a Move? Helpful tips on what to pack yourself

So you have set your move date, hired your professional movers and now comes the overwhelming task of packing up your entire household! You may have already discussed with your movers which items you want packed by them and which items you want to be responsible for packing.

Sorting through your household is the first step in packing. There are some fragile items in your home that will require proper packing materials and handling. These items would be safer if your mover packed them for you. There are some other items that should not be packed up at all. Making an inventory list with your mover of all these items will help you organize which items to pack and not to pack.

A helpful checklist to get you started:

  • Irreplaceable items – any items that are considered important or valuable you may want to move yourself. These would include: jewelry, personal files, documents, checkbook and banking statements, stocks and bonds.
  • Household items – these items may be items you use every day and may need them on hand. These would include: car keys, house keys, address books, computer software and family photos.
  • Personal items – any personal items that you would need to use each day such as clothing, shoes, medications, cosmetics and grooming items.
  • Fragile items – items that may require special packing and handling you may want the professionals to move such as furniture, large household items, computers, Art, TV equipment and any other technical equipment. These items are fragile and difficult to move and will be safer moved by your professional movers.

Moving and relocating is stressful enough without the added concern of sorting and packing everything yourself. Your professional movers have the expertise in packing and moving the fragile items to avoid any damage to them. For an additional fee they can pack up your entire household for you.

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