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How to prepare for a Move – A checklist of supplies you will need

Preparing for a move can be one of the more overwhelming life events for most people. With so much to do regarding the details of planning, packing and organizing for your old home and the new one, it is not easy to remember everything. The most efficient way to tackle planning and packing is to make checklists. Write everything down and you will be thanking yourself later on when things get busy closer to your move date.

Once you have your professional mover on board, they are available to help and assist you with every aspect of your move! Your professional movers will create an inventory list of your items to be moved and can also supply the boxes in every size needed for an additional charge. This will make life easier for you if you do not have the time to run around town collecting empty boxes. Packing up an entire household will require all kinds of different boxes in all shapes and sizes. Your movers can also supply you with specialty boxes and wooden crates for fragile items such as large mirrors, marble tops, glass tops, valuable artwork, computers, printers, electronics and any other large items.

Below is a typical Packing Supply List you will need:

  • large moving boxes
  • medium moving boxes
  • small moving boxes
  • extra-large moving boxes
  • wardrobe boxes
  • heavy duty boxes
  • large roll bubble wrap
  • rolls tissue paper
  • permanent black marker
  • Roll of sealing tape
  • White labels to paste on boxes

For a successful move, packing is key and your professional movers are experienced in packing and labeling all your boxes safely and securely to prevent damage and breakage to any of your valuables, for an additional fee. They can also label your boxes for you with the contents and rooms they belong in to ensure that your move is a pleasant and successful one!

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