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How to Select a Dependable Moving Company – Some good tips

Moving can be one of the more stressful events in a person’s life. What begins as excitement about a new home or city can end up in frustration and emotional upheaval in your life. Fortunately, many of today’s professional moving companies can handle the entire moving process for you. Everything from planning and packing to delivering and setting up.

It is very important though to review their policies, procedures and credentials before you sign on the dotted line.

Four good tips for selecting a reputable mover:

  • Movers should offer an on-site estimate – When hiring a mover to handle your move, you should never accept an estimate before the mover has been on-site. The professional moving company should schedule a visit to your home, reviewing and estimating all your household belongings.
  • Make sure the mover is bonded and insured – Without these credentials, your moving company isn’t responsible should something happen to your personal belongings. In addition, they aren’t liable for injuries that happen to their workers or your family and property. Ask your mover to provide proof of license, bonding and insurance before hiring them.
  • Get a detailed estimate – obtain a detailed list of the estimated cost of your entire move. Before you sign any contracts, find out if there are any extra fees for special services, supplies, or labor. These “little” extras can add up fast. Your mover should provide a complete list of your belongings, how many hours needed for your move, number of trucks used and any other extra costs associated with your move, providing a total cost of your move.
  • Choose a mover with uniformed and trained employees – select a mover that has employees that are fully trained and arrive in uniforms. This kind of attention to detail demonstrates their concern about your home, your safety, and getting the job done correctly.

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When is it Time to Move? Some guidelines to follow


With the arrival of the New Year and spring right around the corner, people in the Washington Metropolitan area may be asking the question “Is it time to move?” It is common knowledge in the real estate community that the best time to prepare for a move is during the winter months with household repairs, home improvements and renovations to your home.

Readying your home in winter is the best time, in order to put it up for sale during the busy spring and summer months which is the most convenient time to move. Typically, during the summer months kids are off from school and vacation can be scheduled, people pick this time to try and schedule a move.

BB&D offers a one-stop residential and commercial moving service, including storage facility services. Storage facility services may come in handy if there is a gap of time in-between selling your current residence and moving into the new one. Your furniture and belongings can be stored safely and securely in a private storage unit.

In review, our professional moving services offer:

  • Loading/unloading – moving boxes and crates from current residence to moving truck to new residence. All items will be placed in the correct room and labeled at new residence.
  • Packing/unpacking – packing up your items securely and unpacking them at new residence.
  • Storage facility service– our facilities are lighted, temperature controlled with around-the-clock monitored security cameras. Short and long term storage options are available.
  • Cleaning/handyman/junk removal -cleaning, minor repairs and hauling junk
  • International moving services – transit across foreign borders with trusted providers with regulations assistance

Remember to schedule your move at least 3-6 months ahead of time if possible, so that you don’t run into any conflicts with your move date and you can secure the exact date you prefer.