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Planning a Move? – Spring can be a good time

Everyone looks forward to the change of seasons from winter to spring. After all the frigid temperatures and inclement weather, most people look forward to the return of spring and warmer weather. This may also be one of the best seasons to plan your move. People cannot always control when they move due to other factors such as real estate availability and family and work schedules, which can all dictate when you move.

Benefits of moving in spring:

Availability of professional mover – if you are waiting for warmer weather to schedule your move, waiting till summer may have more restrictions as far as finding available moving companies and the preferred date you want. Since a lot of people wait till summer to move because of summer vacations and kids out of school, moving in spring will give you a head start and more options, before the busy summer ahead.

  • Good weather – the weather can greatly impact the success of your move, especially if you are moving in the winter months with bad weather. Moving in spring will make your move easier and stress-free without the added worry of dangerous weather conditions and possibly cancelled move dates. You and your movers can move your personal belongings in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Spring break – with the kids still in school, they will normally have a week off for spring break which can allow you to plan your move around their time off. This works well if you want to enlist the help of your entire family with the packing and unpacking while they are home and available to help out!

A good reminder: start planning your move at least 3-6 months in advance so you can get your preferred date and time with your professional mover. This will allow your mover to reserve your date and number of trucks you will need along with scheduling your on-site visit to your home to make an inventory of your personal belongings.

The more organizing and time put into planning your move, the more successful it will be!

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