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Costly Mistakes Made When Hiring Movers

Planning on a big move in the near future? Great! Moving can be a fantastic experience, full of new experiences, fresh starts and clean slates. But, there can be an unfortunate downside. Oftentimes we come across a potential client that has been burned by movers in the past. This previous experience tends to color opinions, and create a negative bias toward using movers in the future.

The experts at BB&D don’t want to see your happy move ruined by a poor experience, and to assist in getting you on the right track, we’d like to point out some common mistakes consumers make when choosing a mover.

Decisions To Avoid:

  • Not all movers are equal. This isn’t to say finding a moving company is sifting through a lot of bad to find the good, but more to say that not all movers are the right fit for you. Too often consumers simply take the first option presented, and this could lead to a bit of trouble. Like buying a car, or getting insurance, rates and options vary from mover to mover. We strongly encourage you to shop around, and be sure you’ve found the right fit.
  • Be sure all fees are crystal clear. Don’t get blindsided by hidden fees! Be sure that all aspects pertaining to money are worked out, and easy to understand.
  • Check for an insured moving company. All proper moving businesses are insured, so be sure your company is covered! This can be the difference between finding a good, dependable company and a bunch of swindlers.
  • Last-second movers. You can’t always control the flow of your life, but avoid grabbing a moving service at the last second. This can pigeonhole you into unclear details, unnecessary costs and makes it difficult to hash out a clear understanding.
  • Discuss the entire process. As with negotiating fees, be sure all aspects of the move are fully understood between your mover and you. The relevant dates, what items (and how they should be handled), and exact times should all be discussed at length before moving day.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’re well on your way to a clean, stress-free move! We at BB&D offer the best service in the business, and our professionals are always clear, concise, honest and punctual. Contact us today to learn more about how our movers can assist you!