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Furniture Movers and Insurance

You’ve seen us mention the importance of choosing insured movers in more than one of our blog posts. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Well, our experts are here to shed some light on the value an insured moving company brings to your move, and why you should always check!

Why Insured Movers Are So Important

Insured kind of sounds like a fancy buzzword, right? Not at all! There are numerous reasons why you see movers tack this word onto their ads, such as:

  • Insured companies are real companies. One of the absolute key aspects of an insured company is that it proves your movers are the real deal. Many ‘companies’ that operate without insurance are in fact running scams, or trying to find an angle you certainly wouldn’t appreciate.
  • Insured Movers Protect Your Assets. Movers that feature insurance are safer. Simple as that. A company that boasts insurance protects its own interests, and yours as well, ensuring the service is clean and clear, with no unnecessary risks.
  • Insurance shows we are professional, and dependable. A company that hosts insurance shows that they mean business. Generally, a mover that cares enough to become licensed and insured will also be better at planning, coordinating and organizing to bring you the best service possible.

At BB&D, we make it clear that we are insured. Not to give a false impression that we are professional, but to cement the fact that we are professional. Our experts bring you the very best in friendly, clear and exceptional service that is always sure to surpass expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our moving service, or for your free estimate!