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Why Do I Want My Piano Moved By Professionals?

You likely understand why you would want a professional mover to assist in making your move as smooth and stress free as possible. But have you considered how important they can be when moving even something as simple as a piano?

And yes, we mean during a full move, or just to haul the piano across town (or even across the house!). Why? There are a few primary factors to consider:

  • Pianos are heavy. Obvious, yes, but consider this. The average piano weighs anywhere between six and eleven hundred pounds. And some styles can even exceed that. A piano is not something you can cart around willy-nilly with a dolly.
  • Pianos are expensive. Another obvious point, but again, bear with us. A piano is often an heirloom, prized for generations. Or a brand new piano can cost you as low as a few thousand, and up to the hundreds of thousands. Don’t trust an investment of that caliber to just anyone.
  • Pianos are cumbersome. So we have an exceptionally expensive, exceedingly heavy piece of art. To add to the difficulty, make it oddly proportioned, awkwardly weighted and larger than three fridges. A mishandled piano move can cause a lot of damage. Both to your home, and to your person.

So what does this all mean to movers, and do they have the solution? Movers are prepared to handle all of these factors. Professional movers have the tools, the experience and the training to address moving a piano (or any other large, highly-valuable possession, for that matter). Hiring a professional mover to move your piano across the country, across town or even to the next room saves you on stress. it saves you on time, and it ultimately saves you financially as well.

Expert Movers At BB&D

Our team or professional movers boast the best skills in the business, and we can provide all of the knowledge and equipment needed to successfully and painlessly move your large furniture. We pride ourselves on exceptional, friendly service, and are sure to bring our best to every job. Contact BB&D for your moving needs!