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What Are “Rogue Movers”?

In the past, we’ve spent a little time discussing fraudulent movers, unlicensed movers, and other rogue elements in the moving business. Rather than have you piece the facts together by reading our entire blog, the experts at BB&D Transportation Moving & Storage thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a clean and clear guide.

What Are “Rogue Movers”?

Essentially, this is a less blunt way to say scam artists and unprofessional movers. While it’s an unpleasant thought, the fact remains that there are countless persons operating under the guise of a moving company. In reality, these people are often running a con, and are out for only one thing: Your money! So, how do you avoid these shady characters? It’s pretty simple, if you’re familiar with the signs:

  • Shady dealings. Movers that lack professionalism are a quick sign that something is amiss. If you’re treated poorly over the phone, get away!
  • Unclear payment. Are they asking for cash only, or cash up front? Or are they charging you for services that make no sense? Odds are, these are the rogue elements you’re looking to avoid.
  • No home base. If you cannot easily find the address of the business you’re speaking to, or they refuse to provide an address when asked, odds are they aren’t real movers.
  • Unclear branding. If the warehouse, shop or vehicles your “movers” are using are unmarked, unkempt or in considerable disrepair, take this as a sign that these are not the people you want to entrust your belongings and money to.

Avoiding The Rogue Element

Hands down, the number one most important aspect of choosing your movers is open communication. A proper business is clean, licensed and has nothing to hide. Talk to your movers. Learn about their business, and look to reviews. Your movers should be trustworthy, and you should feel comfortable in allowing them to handle your valuables. If anything gives you pause, go with your gut.

At BB&D, we strive to bring you more than a simple moving service. We want to provide the very best in all regards. Exceeding expectations is always our goal, and your needs are always our number one priority! Visit us online today to learn more about our moving services, or to set an appointment!