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How Movers Calculate Estimates – What Your Move Will Cost

If you are getting ready for a move, keep in mind that no two moves are the same and rarely are two moving estimates the same. Doing your own research and comparing estimates from different moving companies’ works best, rather than comparing your estimate with your neighbor’s estimate. There are always several factors, including each of your individual circumstances, that movers take into consideration before they calculate your estimate.


How long will the move take and how much manpower is needed are usually the two main factors movers use to estimate the cost for a move. Movers may charge by the hour or by the day, depending on how much manpower may be needed to complete the job in the allotted timeframe.

How far will you be moving from your current residence? Movers usually charge either by the mile or a flat rate depending on the distance of the move. Flat rate moves are usually within the area or between major cities. When movers charge by the mile it is usually for long distance moves, such as moving from state to state.

Movers rely on their experience and the on-site visit to eye your possessions to evaluate and estimate the overall volume and weight of your things. It is always a good idea to obtain a binding estimate from your professional movers so that the amount doesn’t change once the truck is loaded with your possessions.

Access to your home may be another factor if a full-size moving truck cannot access your residence. Limited access factors may cause movers to charge an additional fee if a shuttle is needed to move your possessions from your home to the moving truck, or if there are narrow streets, or no parking – which limits access.

 Any other circumstances pertaining to your individual situation such as storage of belongings, special handling instructions for precious items, and moving during peak season or holidays, will all determine the amount of your estimate. Contact us anytime for a comprehensive estimate you can trust.

Peak Moving Season – When to book your Move for Summer

Spring has arrived and summer is right around the corner. While peak season for commercial moves are during the winter months, residential moves peak during the spring, summer and fall months. Most people try to schedule their residential move during spring and summer months for a number of reasons.

These reasons include warmer weather, kids being out of school, and vacations being scheduled during these months. If you and your family fall into this category and are planning a move this summer, you will need to research moving companies and book your professional movers now.


  • Investigate Moving Companies & Get Estimates
    Investigate and research at least 3 different moving companies to compare estimates and check availability. Moving scams are on the rise and these companies will over-charge for their less-than-professional services.
  • Make Sure Company is Professional & Reputable
    When choosing a moving company, it is also wise to check on their fleet of trucks, truck sizes and availability. Some moving scams include sending smaller trucks out – which costs more in the long run, results in more trips back and forth, and can also be damaging to your personal belongings. Verify that the moving company is professional and insured.
  • Book Your Move
    It is recommended to allow between four and six weeks to book your move. So if you are moving during the prime months of June through August, you will need to book your professional movers now so you can get the dates you prefer. If you wait, you run the risk of picking a company last minute that may not be as professional or reputable.
  • Additional Services Are Available
    No matter how big or small your move is, once you have your professional moving company on-board, they can also provide many additional services to assist you in your move: handyman services, junk removal, furniture recycling, storage facility services, and International moving services, just to name a few.

Don’t forget to book your professional movers as soon as you have settled on a moving date so that you get the dates you prefer and can have peace of mind, knowing you have the best moving company working for you and your family.

Tips for Hiring Professional Movers in DC, MD & NoVa

Hiring Professional Movers in DC, MD & NoVAAre you wondering if you’ll need a professional mover for your upcoming move? The answer to that question depends on several criteria: Are you and your family relocating to a different city, or are you just moving across town? Do you have many large or fragile items to move, such as antique furniture or a piano? Does “moving yourself” fit into your busy schedule?

Some or all of the answers to these questions may bring you to decide that hiring a professional mover is the fastest, safest, and easiest option for you. Once you have made a decision to hire professionals, how do you get started? Here are some helpful guidelines:

Get Estimates – It never hurts to shop around. A good rule of thumb is to obtain at least 3-5 estimates from different companies. Keep in mind that you’re not just comparing prices; you’re also comparing services, professionalism, and experience.

Check Referrals – Always review online referrals and reviews from people who have actually hired the specific companies you are comparing. Any reputable moving company will also be happy to provide you with several high-quality references.

Consult the Better Business Bureau – Always do a background check on any company you are considering hiring in order to check for any negative ratings.

Ask Friends and neighbors – You can always contact people you know who have used moving companies. See who they recommend – and just as important – who they don’t recommend. These “word of mouth” referrals can give you much peace of mind, because you know and trust the people making the recommendations.

Each moving company should send a representative to your residence to do an in-home estimate. Be certain to show them everything that needs to be moved, including all contents in your closets, basement, and garage or shed. You don’t want to leave anything out. Some companies may try to offer you an estimate over the phone. You should avoid these “phone estimates” because without seeing exactly what needs to be done, the estimate is likely to be inaccurate.

Once you have some estimates to compare, you should review each one carefully. Each estimate should include all detailed charges, as well as explain the services included in your move – including options for having the movers do all packing and unpacking. Moving can be a hectic and stressful time in your life, so hiring professionals to take care of everything will allow you to concentrate on your new home and the things that matter to you!

How Long Does it Take to Move?

That’s easy to answer if you’re the president of the United States. Every four or eight years on moving day (a.k.a. Inauguration Day), it takes approximately 95 workers exactly five hours to move one family out of the White House, do any painting or repairs needed, and move another family in.

Needless to say, for the rest of us, the answer to how long it takes to move isn’t as clearly defined. It depends largely upon three factors:

How long will it take to load the moving truck?
Choosing the right size moving truck and knowing how to load it efficiently are the two most important aspects to this piece. If you get a truck that’s even slightly too small, you may need to use another vehicle or take multiple trips (assuming your move isn’t far). And loading a truck properly can save hours of frustration to your big day.

How far is your move?
This one is pretty obvious – the farther you’re moving, the longer the actual drive will take. But it’s important to note that often people who aren’t moving very far will try to save money by getting a smaller truck and taking multiple trips. This can easily backfire. Not only will you spend more money on gas, but switching gears multiple times throughout the day between loading and unloading can wear you down much faster than doing it all at once.

How much support do you have?
This is by far the variable that matters most when looking at how long it takes to move. Whether you have friends or family helping you or you hire a moving company, the more support you have, the faster the job will go by far.

If you ever need any evidence of that your amount of support makes the biggest difference, just remember the White House example. You may not have 95 staff members to help you move, but you do have the next best thing: professional movers who can make your move as stress-free and easy as possible every step of the way.

Moving Your Business – Commercial Moving Services

Moving from one home to another is always at least a little stressful. But what about moving your business? Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, or simply relocating, we can help make moving your business as stress-free and simple as possible.

At BB&D, we go above and beyond for all of our customers, both residential and commercial. Not only are we family-owned with full-time, background-checked, fully-uniformed employees, we also offer a wide array of services to cover all of your needs.

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about without adding all of the details of a move. From computer setups and backups to office furniture and more, high quality coordination is key. BB&D can take care of everything for you. Our commercial moving services include:

  • Packing/Unpacking: Everything from IT equipment to furniture and supplies
  • Handling: Loading and unloading of all office items
  • Eco-Friendly Plastic Containers: Drop off, pack, and pickup available
  • Storage Facility: Lighted and temperature-controlled, with 24/7 security
  • Disconnect/Reconnect: All office equipment
  • Our Own “Smart Moving Package”: Including moving systems and techniques for a successful commercial move
    Disconnect/Reconnect: All IT equipment
  • Eco-Friendly Plastic Containers & BB&D Plastic Dollies: This will reduce the volume and make your move more efficient while maximizing your relocation dollar
  • Archiving/Storage: All files and documentation
  • Multiple Destinations: We can deliver specific items to different locations

We meet unique needs all the time. Whether you have a straight-forward move ahead of you or one with several complications, we are here to make sure everything goes smoothly.

As veterans of the moving industry, we know how to execute a successful move. Instead of hiring multiple vendors, with BB&D you can meet all of your needs with one company you can trust. Give us a call today at: 301.573.5447, or 571.375.2826.

Why Choose Local Movers Over Brokers

When considering utilizing a moving service, consumers really are spoiled for choice. Between huge nationwide companies, local movers and moving brokers, you’ve got a lot of options. Without really having a clear idea of what you’re looking for, it’s very easy to just allow a broker to handle the entire transaction for you. But, as it often is, the easy way is not always the best way. There are a few huge problems when enlisting the help of a broker, and we at BB&D would like to take the time to show you exactly what you’re missing when you use a broker.

What’s A Broker?

If you’re unfamiliar, a broker basically plays middleman in your moving transaction. They aren’t actually movers themselves, nor do they own trucks. Brokers will make an estimate on your move, and attempt to ‘matchmake’ to find you the best deal on your move. Sounds good, right? Well, in a perfect world, sure, it would be awesome. But…

Flaws Of Using Brokers

  • Vague estimates: Brokers don’t always hit the nail on the head, and any mistakes on the estimate can lead to a company refusing the job. It can also leave you in a situation where you’re dealing with fees you weren’t expecting.
  • Unlicensed movers: Not to say it’s always the case, but there have been numerous instances of unlicensed movers being commissioned for a moving job.
  • Hidden fees: Unfortunately, the broker process can easily fit in a lot of extra numbers you weren’t looking to deal with.

All of these issues are made more frustrating when you realize brokers take no liability in the actions of the moving company they commission, meaning you get what you’re stuck with, regardless of whether the job gets done right, or gets done at all!

The Benefits Of Local Movers

Aside from supporting local business, choosing movers that operate locally and leaving the middleman out leads to a much better business transaction, and in the end, a much cleaner move. Why? Primarily honesty.

Working with a local mover, everything is laid out in black and white. Expectations, fees, rules, and specifics are all hashed out person to person, with no middleman to mess up the details. Additionally, local businesses have likely been around the block for a long time, letting you know you’re dealing with a business you can trust.

Beware of Fraudulent Packers and Movers – Key Things to Remember

The moving business has been booming, and we at BB&D couldn’t be happier about it! Any chance to offer up our exceptional service and prove we can supply a superior experience is a welcome one. We offer honest and reliable business to our customers, and pride ourselves on our ability to ensure you get exactly what you want from your movers.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares our enthusiasm, and in fact, not everyone shares our honesty. Don’t let yourself become a victim of shysters and fraudulent movers, and be equipped to recognize a scam when you see it. Here are some warning signs and common scams to keep an eye out for.

Warning Signs That You’re Dealing With Fraudulent Movers

  • Credentials. A proper moving and packing business is certified and licensed, so anyone offering you a moving service without these is certainly suspect. Also, ask around. We live in the information age, and customer reviews are worth their weight in gold. If they have a bad reputation, there’s probably a good reason.
  • Avoid verbal contracts. Anyone offering a verbal contract is quite likely planning on bending the truth. Get all of your contracts in print, and be sure you fully understand all information presented.
  • Cash up front. A company wanting full payment up front in cash is a pretty telltale ripoff. Cash, or cash deposit only indicates they want something of yours that is valuable and easy to make off with. Never agree to a cash only deal when the ‘company’ insists.
  • Recognize the brand. If your movers show up in an unmarked vehicle, lacking in any identifying mark or logo, it’s a good idea to be concerned. It’s also a great idea to check the company website, checking for a stable address and information in their licensing.
  • Lack of professionalism. If you find yourself dealing with rude, unprofessional behavior such as consistent lateness, poor phone etiquette or crass language, it’s a good idea to be cautious moving forward with those movers.

In general, if a company ever gives your reason to feel unsafe, uncomfortable or simply unhappy, we would strongly recommend that you shy away from doing business with those movers. Educate yourself on the options available, finding a good, reliable professional that can give you the service you deserve, and only move forward if you understand all aspects of the deal.