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Time Your Move Right to Minimize Stress

Moving is well known to be one of the more stressful experiences in life. But good planning can help minimize stress in many ways. One relatively simple thing you can do is to time your move right. By avoiding the times when most people move, you will typically have more resources available and lower prices, whether you’re hiring a moving company or moving yourself.

Best Time of Year to Move:

In terms of getting the best prices and highest availability of moving companies, moving trucks, and other moving resources, the best time of year to move is in the fall and winter. Most people move between May and September. If you happen to be moving into a rental property, you are more likely to get a better deal between October and April, as well.

Best Time of the Month to Move:

If possible, try to plan your move close to the middle of the month, right around the 15th. Since most home sales close during the last days of the month and leases typically end then as well, movers and moving trucks are in highest demand right around the first of the month. There are also not usually any major holidays near the middle of the month, adding to the benefits of moving then.

Best Time of Week to Move:

If you can’t choose what time of year or what part of the month you’ll be moving, aiming for a mid-week move (Monday through Thursday) will still help a great deal with available resources. The vast majority of moves happen from Friday through Sunday, when people have more flexibility with work schedules.

Best Time of Day to Move:

This one is just common sense. No matter what time of year, month, or week you’ll be moving, plan for an early start to your day. Whether you are moving yourself or hiring a moving company, it takes time to get everything loaded, moved, and unloaded. Plan to rise with the sun to make the most of your big day!

Moving during a moving company’s slower days also means that everyone (both you and the movers) are less rushed, and they can focus all of their attention on you! For more moving tips visit our website:

Preparing For A Move – The Checklist

A poorly planned or executed move can be one of the more taxing experiences in your life. At BB&D Transportation, Moving & Storage, we never want our patrons to experience a stressful moving event. Beyond perfect service, it’s the goal of our professional movers to ensure you enjoy your move and all that it brings!

How To Prepare For A Move: The Basics

The key to reducing stress on your move (or in general!) is organization. Having a clear to-do checklist, and all of the materials you need is the most important aspect. So what do you need? Surprisingly, not all that much! Avoid complicating your move, and ensure you have these things:

  • A calendar date. Or appointment book date, anything of the sort, really. While not a tangible item, a planned, scheduled date is the single most important item you can bring to a move. A proper date gives you an exact game plan, and allows you to coordinate appropriately.
  • At least three box sizes. Dependant upon your packing style, you’re going to need various box sizes to get everything organized. Boxes can be purchased from most general stores, or you can ask local stocking services if they have left over boxes to spare (liquor stores awesome for this!).
  • “Safe” boxes. Don’t depend on cardboard for everything! Plastic, wood or other sturdy box materials are excellent for fragile items like electronics, glass, china and heirlooms.
  • Packing material. Whether you get a big bag of styrofoam ‘peanuts’, rolls of tissue paper or just a large supply of loose newspaper, have something to fill packed boxes. You should never have loose space in your packed boxes!
  • Labelling Clear, distinct and easy to read lables are the key to organization. Be sure everything is very easy to understand. This helps both you, and your professional movers! And speaking of professional movers…
  • Professional movers.Of course, this isn’t a requirement, but it will make things much, much simpler. When it comes to packing, moving and carrying out your move expertly and without incident, no one does it better than a professional! Curious about why you would need a professional mover? We’ve discussed it at-length in a previous blog post! (“Do You Really Need A Packers And Movers Service?”)

Perfect, Stress Free Moves With BB&D

Looking for an unmatched moving experience? Contact our professional movers today!

Do You Really Need a Packers and Movers Service?

As homeowners, we’re generally wary any time additional costs are concerned. We weigh the cost of an item or service versus its benefits, carefully deciding whether or not the expenditure is worth it. Well, we should anyway. And if you do, that’s great! So the same concept should apply to movers and packers, right? Absolutely! Whether or not you need professional movers comes down to a few specific factors.

At BB&D Transportation Moving & Storage , we always strive to provide our consumers with the best service possible. With our professionals, we can guarantee you’ll get the skilled, professional assistance you need to complete your move with no stress, no mess and in record time!

The Benefits Of Professional Movers

To weigh the cost, you have to consider the benefits, right? Professional movers:

  • Assurance. With a professional mover, you know that your belongings will be transported safely and in a timely manner. Good moving companies are insured and carry guarantees, helping you be confident that your move will go off without a hitch.
  • Safety. Larger furniture items and fragile items can be risky to move. Professionals can guarantee safe transport of your valuable possessions, and enable you to avoid the risk of back pain!
  • No stress. Moving is a fantastic event that is very often spoiled with stress. Worry about scheduling, logistics, organization and the move itself can really weigh heavily. Using a moving and packing company removes virtually all of these concerns, allowing you to enjoy the move rather than dread it.
  • Reduced cost.This may feel a little counter-intuitive, but bear with us. Trustworthy professional movers use clear, flat rates to price packing and moving. If you attempt a full move on your own, it involves a vast investment of time and energy, and more importantly the rental of transport vehicles. These can cost you huge amounts of money, the prices vary according to season, distance, “wear”, etc. Very unclear, and very expensive. For those prices, you could hire professional movers, remove stress, and buy lunch to boot!

Choose BB&D To Meet Your Moving Needs

So do we think you need professional movers? We would never presume to make the decision for you, but we do think that the benefits of a professional moving service are huge, and entirely worth it! When you’re ready to call on a moving service that offers peerless service and unmatched quality, contact BB&D!

What Are “Rogue Movers”?

In the past, we’ve spent a little time discussing fraudulent movers, unlicensed movers, and other rogue elements in the moving business. Rather than have you piece the facts together by reading our entire blog, the experts at BB&D Transportation Moving & Storage thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a clean and clear guide.

What Are “Rogue Movers”?

Essentially, this is a less blunt way to say scam artists and unprofessional movers. While it’s an unpleasant thought, the fact remains that there are countless persons operating under the guise of a moving company. In reality, these people are often running a con, and are out for only one thing: Your money! So, how do you avoid these shady characters? It’s pretty simple, if you’re familiar with the signs:

  • Shady dealings. Movers that lack professionalism are a quick sign that something is amiss. If you’re treated poorly over the phone, get away!
  • Unclear payment. Are they asking for cash only, or cash up front? Or are they charging you for services that make no sense? Odds are, these are the rogue elements you’re looking to avoid.
  • No home base. If you cannot easily find the address of the business you’re speaking to, or they refuse to provide an address when asked, odds are they aren’t real movers.
  • Unclear branding. If the warehouse, shop or vehicles your “movers” are using are unmarked, unkempt or in considerable disrepair, take this as a sign that these are not the people you want to entrust your belongings and money to.

Avoiding The Rogue Element

Hands down, the number one most important aspect of choosing your movers is open communication. A proper business is clean, licensed and has nothing to hide. Talk to your movers. Learn about their business, and look to reviews. Your movers should be trustworthy, and you should feel comfortable in allowing them to handle your valuables. If anything gives you pause, go with your gut.

At BB&D, we strive to bring you more than a simple moving service. We want to provide the very best in all regards. Exceeding expectations is always our goal, and your needs are always our number one priority! Visit us online today to learn more about our moving services, or to set an appointment!

What Do I Look For In A Professional Mover?

You may consider choosing your movers to be a simple process. Or, if you’re unsure of what to look for, it’s possible that you may find the process daunting. Either way, we at BB&D want to come to you today to detail the ins and outs of choosing your movers. Knowing what to look for and what you need to know are the keys to initiating a successful, stress free move!

What Do I Look For In A Professional Mover?

Firstly, the key word here is professional. Always ensure you’re working with professional, licensed movers. There are some scams out there, and we don’t want to see anyone falling for them! In addition, always check for these two major things:

  • Positive peer and consumer reviews are absolutely integral to operating a successful business these days. With the advent of the internet, paid ads and click-bait have become increasingly untrustworthy, and many consumers ignore them outright. Find a company that holds a strong status with previous customers! Word of mouth is easy to come by in our digital world, and you can use this to your advantage to ensure you’re getting the professional assistance you deserve!
  • Low-quality moving businesses that don’t offer service that is up to acceptable standards all have one thing in common. They don’t last very long! Be sure you’re choosing movers that have been at it for a while, and have proven to be dependable and trustworthy.

In addition to these factors, we would urge you to speak with the company. Contacting and making appointments through a website is a great tool, but nothing substitutes speaking with a real person. This way you can get a solid feel for how a business really operates, and whether or not it’s the right fit for your needs.

BB&D: The Movers You’ve Been Looking For

With BB&D, you can be sure you’re getting a moving service that exemplifies all of the qualities you want most in your professional movers. Our business is built on trust, transparency and excellent service, and we take great pride in providing our customers with only the absolute best we can provide. For more information on our moving services, or to set up an appointment, contact us today!

Furniture Movers and Insurance

You’ve seen us mention the importance of choosing insured movers in more than one of our blog posts. Wondering what all the fuss is about? Well, our experts are here to shed some light on the value an insured moving company brings to your move, and why you should always check!

Why Insured Movers Are So Important

Insured kind of sounds like a fancy buzzword, right? Not at all! There are numerous reasons why you see movers tack this word onto their ads, such as:

  • Insured companies are real companies. One of the absolute key aspects of an insured company is that it proves your movers are the real deal. Many ‘companies’ that operate without insurance are in fact running scams, or trying to find an angle you certainly wouldn’t appreciate.
  • Insured Movers Protect Your Assets. Movers that feature insurance are safer. Simple as that. A company that boasts insurance protects its own interests, and yours as well, ensuring the service is clean and clear, with no unnecessary risks.
  • Insurance shows we are professional, and dependable. A company that hosts insurance shows that they mean business. Generally, a mover that cares enough to become licensed and insured will also be better at planning, coordinating and organizing to bring you the best service possible.

At BB&D, we make it clear that we are insured. Not to give a false impression that we are professional, but to cement the fact that we are professional. Our experts bring you the very best in friendly, clear and exceptional service that is always sure to surpass expectations. Contact us today to learn more about our moving service, or for your free estimate!

How to Prepare for Movers and Packers

With the prospect of opening your life to a set of new and wonderful experiences, making a move can be one of the greatest events in your life. In this regard, making use of a movers service is an exceptional idea that can both expedite and simplify the process, provided you plan accordingly. Allowing movers into a home that is unpacked and unprepared can mean huge stress for all parties concerned, so take a moment to look over our quick and easy top ten list, designed to assist you in preparing for a moving service.

  1. Clear your schedule. A homeowner who is absent on moving day can make for a lot of headache and misunderstanding, so for best results clear your schedule for the day the movers will be present.
  2. Gather trip essentials. Items you plan on taking with you should be set aside in an area that the movers will not have access to. This ensures no misunderstandings.
  3. Reduce crowd traffic. If it’s possible to have pets out of the way, either with boarding or staying with a friend, this can help keep the moving space less chaotic.
  4. Have assigned roles.Letting all parties present know the game plan before the movers arrive can dramatically reduce confusion.
  5. Measurements. Measuring furniture and entranceways helps keep the plan intact, and can help with any possible misunderstandings about what goes where. If a piece was constructedin room, it may need to be deconstructed to get it out.
  6. Fragile. Breakables should have their own dedicated packing. This both ensures the safety of the movers, and your belongings.
  7. Perishables. Defrost your fridge and freezer, and dispose of all perishable food. You don’t want a nasty surprise when the refrigerator gets to your new home!
  8. Remove. Drain or remove Anyfuel sources. Drain gasoline or kerosene from lawn equipment and heaters, and take out and store batteries from all electronics, backup computer files and be sure all CDs and entertainment tools are out of your devices.
  9. Take inventory. Make a list of all items in your home, preferably. At the very least, valuables such as jewelry, expensive appliances and heirlooms.
  10. Confirm. Your date and time with the movers.

Following these steps can lead to a much better experience, ensuring you can go forward with your life, stress not included!

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Recommended Tipping for Movers

Moving the contents of your home is not a traditionally difficult task – after all, at some point most of us have moved ourselves from one home to another. But it can be stressful and demanding – especially when it comes down to the logistics of getting all your possessions from point A to point B.

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the process requires know-how – you need the right vehicles, equipment, packing materials and several extra people to help load (and unload) the heavy furniture, electronics and appliances. For one or all of these reasons, a growing number of people entrust their possessions in the hands of professional movers.

When choosing a mover, do your research and be selective.

  • Ask friends, coworkers, and local real estate agents for recommendations and check references.
  • Check their USDOT number on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website.
  • Get a written copy of your mover’s inventory list and give specific directions to your new home. Exchange phone numbers so you can communicate during the move.


Movers are as much a part of the service industry as a restaurant wait staff or your local hair salon or barbershop owner, so they should be treated with the same etiquette when they do a good job. As with any other service provider, you should offer a tip based on job performance.

If you believe your movers were careful, helpful and professional, give them what you believe is fair – It’s not only a signal of a job well done, it tells them you appreciate their efforts with your possessions. The general rule when tipping is for the homeowner to tip in the amount they see fit.


Moving an entire household is hard, often back-breaking work, so a supply of cold bottled water, soft drinks or sport drinks on hand will be welcome. If loading or unloading is lengthy, it’s acceptable to provide lunch for the movers after asking about their preferences. While pizza may seem like a great idea, you might be the 10th client to offer them that in a month.

Never offer your movers beer during or after the move. Most legitimate moving companies have strict rules against having alcohol on the job or in the truck.

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Planning a Move? – Spring can be a good time

Everyone looks forward to the change of seasons from winter to spring. After all the frigid temperatures and inclement weather, most people look forward to the return of spring and warmer weather. This may also be one of the best seasons to plan your move. People cannot always control when they move due to other factors such as real estate availability and family and work schedules, which can all dictate when you move.

Benefits of moving in spring:

Availability of professional mover – if you are waiting for warmer weather to schedule your move, waiting till summer may have more restrictions as far as finding available moving companies and the preferred date you want. Since a lot of people wait till summer to move because of summer vacations and kids out of school, moving in spring will give you a head start and more options, before the busy summer ahead.

  • Good weather – the weather can greatly impact the success of your move, especially if you are moving in the winter months with bad weather. Moving in spring will make your move easier and stress-free without the added worry of dangerous weather conditions and possibly cancelled move dates. You and your movers can move your personal belongings in a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Spring break – with the kids still in school, they will normally have a week off for spring break which can allow you to plan your move around their time off. This works well if you want to enlist the help of your entire family with the packing and unpacking while they are home and available to help out!

A good reminder: start planning your move at least 3-6 months in advance so you can get your preferred date and time with your professional mover. This will allow your mover to reserve your date and number of trucks you will need along with scheduling your on-site visit to your home to make an inventory of your personal belongings.

The more organizing and time put into planning your move, the more successful it will be!

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Another happy customer…

Hello Fabiola,

Thank you for the follow up.

The move went very well and we are very happy with the service and professionalism of the staff and movers.

We would definitely recommend BB&D Moving to friends and family members.

Thank you so much to you and all of the other staff of BB&D for making our move and transition such a seamless process!