How to Pack Your Kitchen for a Move!

Getting ready for a move and your kitchen is untidy and disorganized? Whether you are moving across the street or across country, you’ll need to clean out this room first before attempting to pack up. Organization is so important when trying to decide which items to pack up and take with you, give away or just throw out when getting ready to move!

Some basic steps in packing your Kitchen:

  • Obtain Boxes – Purchasing boxes from your professional moving company or a storage facility will save time rather than locating them from grocery stores. Small boxes for kitchen utensils and cookbooks, Medium size for plastic ware and small appliances, large size for awkward items such as baking tins and casserole dishes, and heavy-duty boxes for glasses, dishes, china and plates.
  • Packing Supplies – Small, medium and large cartons. Dish packs for breakables, packing paper (bundle 22 pounds), bubble wrap (residential small bubble), tape and a marker for labeling.
  • Organizing Items – Since there are so many different items it is best to sort them into piles. First, decide which items are outdated or duplicates that you don’t need to take with you. The items you are keeping can be sorted into piles to pack. For example, plates/bowls/cups in one pile and books/dishtowels/utensils /spices in another pile.
  • Pack Non-Essential Items – Now that items are sorted and you have boxes ready, start packing items that you don’t use everyday such as cookbooks, kitchen gadgets and towels, glasses, pots and pans that are not for everyday use.
  • Kitchen Essentials – It is a good idea to have a few essential items stored in an easy to access box or bin to get you through the last couple of days in your old place and the first couple of days in the new place. A few bowls, plates, cups, forks and spoons, napkins and paper towels so you can have them handy for your meals.
  • Pack Fragile Items – Any items that are fragile such as china, dishes, glasses, casserole dishes and any other breakable items can be packed into medium boxes with plenty of packing materials and bubble wrap. Remember: don’t make these boxes too heavy where there is a danger of damage or breakage and always include plenty of packing materials for protection!
  • Tape & Label Boxes – Check all boxes making sure contents are well protected and not too heavy. Seal up with packing tape and label all boxes with their contents and which room they belong in.

Your kitchen may be one of the most time consuming rooms to pack so another great option is to have your professional movers handle the packing, labeling, and even provide moving boxes for you at an additional cost. This will ensure that your belongings are packed safely and securely and will arrive at your destination in good hands! Please visit our website for a complete list of Moving Tips & Supplies: