October is National Kitchen & Bath Month – Renovating your Home for Resale

Planning a move involves looking for a new home but also putting your current home up for sale. If you have been new house shopping, you may already be aware of what appeals to buyers looking for a new home. This can also apply to your current home you are putting up for sale. Once you start looking at the various houses on the market and the many different options for features and upgrades, you may have to consider renovating your current home for resale.

Now may be a good time to plan a renovation since October is National Kitchen and Bath Month and the most popular month to renovate! Most home buyers want the newest features, finishes and upgrades in the kitchen and bath areas. If you are ready to start a renovation, the kitchen and bath may be the best place to start in order to ready your home for resale.

Before tackling a renovation some points to consider:

  • Resale value – researching the homes in your area to make an informed decision on how much to spend on your renovation and how much value it will add to your current home. It may or may not be worth the investment, time and hard work depending on the return on investment.
  • Expenses – renovating can be very costly, especially when you are faced with decisions on whether to use the latest technology with high-end appliances, finishes and upgrades on countertops, cabinets, flooring. In the bath, upgrading countertops, flooring, and tiles and installing the latest features for shower and bath.

One of the more challenging problems with renovating any room in your home is the appeal it will have on potential buyers. Will it be their taste and something they can live with for many years to come? Research the best design to use so it will appeal to most buyers.

Your professional movers are ready to assist with anything you need such as packing materials, packing services, storage facilities and anything else to help make your move a successful one.

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