Planning a move? Let the movers do your Packing!

Moving can be one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. Just the word alone, can fill anyone with mixed emotions—excitement, nervousness, anticipation and fear. While moving is a major step in anyone’s life, it does not have to be as overwhelming and worrisome a task as most people make it out to be. Once you have hired your professional mover, you can start with planning how to pack up the contents of your old house. Whether you are considering doing all of your packing or a portion of it, you may want to consider the third option. For an additional fee, your movers can take care of packing up your entire household, alleviating most of your worry and concern regarding moving.

An important point to consider is that packing plays a key role in a successful move. If your things are packed correctly, you can avoid the worry of any of your valuable items being broken or damaged.

Fouradvantages of hiring professional movers to pack:

  • Your household items and valuables will be packed safely and securely in the proper boxes and packing materials provided by your professional mover
  • Your professional movers will label each box and its contents and which room it belongs in to alleviate the confusion of boxes being put in the wrong room and moving them around later, which doubles the work
  • Your movers can also unpack all your items in the new residence safely and haul away boxes and packing materials for you
  • Your professional mover will do all the work. They will arrange an on-site visit and compile an inventory list of your items and a chart of your new home and which room each box and furnishing belongs in

Your movers can best decide how to pack any fragile items, valuable items, artwork, computer equipment, TV and electronics and any other items that require special handling with the proper packing materials.

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