Recommended Tipping for Movers

Moving the contents of your home is not a traditionally difficult task – after all, at some point most of us have moved ourselves from one home to another. But it can be stressful and demanding – especially when it comes down to the logistics of getting all your possessions from point A to point B.

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, the process requires know-how – you need the right vehicles, equipment, packing materials and several extra people to help load (and unload) the heavy furniture, electronics and appliances. For one or all of these reasons, a growing number of people entrust their possessions in the hands of professional movers.

When choosing a mover, do your research and be selective.

  • Ask friends, coworkers, and local real estate agents for recommendations and check references.
  • Check their USDOT number on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) website.
  • Get a written copy of your mover’s inventory list and give specific directions to your new home. Exchange phone numbers so you can communicate during the move.


Movers are as much a part of the service industry as a restaurant wait staff or your local hair salon or barbershop owner, so they should be treated with the same etiquette when they do a good job. As with any other service provider, you should offer a tip based on job performance.

If you believe your movers were careful, helpful and professional, give them what you believe is fair – It’s not only a signal of a job well done, it tells them you appreciate their efforts with your possessions. The general rule when tipping is for the homeowner to tip in the amount they see fit.


Moving an entire household is hard, often back-breaking work, so a supply of cold bottled water, soft drinks or sport drinks on hand will be welcome. If loading or unloading is lengthy, it’s acceptable to provide lunch for the movers after asking about their preferences. While pizza may seem like a great idea, you might be the 10th client to offer them that in a month.

Never offer your movers beer during or after the move. Most legitimate moving companies have strict rules against having alcohol on the job or in the truck.

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