The Best Time to Plan a Move – Some Good Tips

Moving into a new home, no matter what time of year, can be an overwhelming task for many. However, careful organizing and planning of your move can help it run smoothly. Picking a certain day or even certain month, when most people are unlikely to move, may save you time and money.

By planning your move during mid-week or off-season, you will have the most resources available to you in terms of scheduling moving companies and moving trucks.

The ideal time to move is when professional movers are least busy, enabling you to pick the exact day and time if possible, since their schedules may not be as full.

Some good tips on the best times to move:

  • Best month to move – taking into account your personal goals, avoid scheduling your move starting mid-month May to September if your schedule allows. These months are typically the busiest months. Planning your move during the fall and winter months will be the most cost effective since they are the least busy months.
  • Best day of the month to move – the best day of the month to move is on or around the 15th of the month. The worst days to move, because it is the busiest, is on or around the first week of the month. This is typically when everyone schedules their move and prices may be increased at these times, along with a tighter schedule.
  • Best days of the week to move – the best days of the week are Monday to Thursday because most people schedule their moves for the weekends. This is especially true for do-it-yourself moves and renting moving trucks. The worst days are typically the weekends-Friday to Sunday when most people are off from work and school.

Remember these are all good suggestions depending on your schedule and when you have your timeframe planned out for your move.

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