What Will Your Move Cost – How Movers Calculate Estimates

If you are getting ready for a move keep in mind that no two moves are the same and rarely are two moving estimates the same. Doing your own research and comparing estimates from different moving companies’ works best, rather than comparing your estimate with your neighbor’s estimate. There are always several factors, including your individual circumstances that movers take into consideration before they calculate your estimate.

Four factors in estimating a move:

  • Time – how long will the move take and how much manpower is needed are usually the factors movers use to estimate a move. Movers may charge by the hour or by the day, depending on how much manpower may be needed to complete the job in the allotted timeframe.
  • Distance – how far will you be moving from your current residence? Movers either charge by the mile or a flat rate depending on the distance of the move. Flat rate moves are usually within the area or between major cities. When movers charge by the mile it is usually for long distance moves such as moving from state to state.
  • Weight – movers rely on experience and the on-site visit to eye your possessions to evaluate and estimate the weight of your things. It is always a good idea to obtain a binding estimate from your professional movers so that the amount doesn’t change once the truck is loaded with your possessions.
  • Access – access to your home may be another factor if a full-size moving truck cannot access your residence. Limited access factors may cause movers to charge an additional fee if a shuttle is needed to move your possessions from your home to the moving truck if there are narrow streets or no parking which limits access.
  • Any other circumstances pertaining to your individual situation such as storage of belongings, special handling instructions for precious items, moving during peak season or holidays, will all determine the amount of your estimate. For more tips on moving visit our website: http://bbdmoving.com/