Why Choose Local Movers Over Brokers

When considering utilizing a moving service, consumers really are spoiled for choice. Between huge nationwide companies, local movers and moving brokers, you’ve got a lot of options. Without really having a clear idea of what you’re looking for, it’s very easy to just allow a broker to handle the entire transaction for you. But, as it often is, the easy way is not always the best way. There are a few huge problems when enlisting the help of a broker, and we at BB&D would like to take the time to show you exactly what you’re missing when you use a broker.

What’s A Broker?

If you’re unfamiliar, a broker basically plays middleman in your moving transaction. They aren’t actually movers themselves, nor do they own trucks. Brokers will make an estimate on your move, and attempt to ‘matchmake’ to find you the best deal on your move. Sounds good, right? Well, in a perfect world, sure, it would be awesome. But…

Flaws Of Using Brokers

  • Vague estimates: Brokers don’t always hit the nail on the head, and any mistakes on the estimate can lead to a company refusing the job. It can also leave you in a situation where you’re dealing with fees you weren’t expecting.
  • Unlicensed movers: Not to say it’s always the case, but there have been numerous instances of unlicensed movers being commissioned for a moving job.
  • Hidden fees: Unfortunately, the broker process can easily fit in a lot of extra numbers you weren’t looking to deal with.

All of these issues are made more frustrating when you realize brokers take no liability in the actions of the moving company they commission, meaning you get what you’re stuck with, regardless of whether the job gets done right, or gets done at all!

The Benefits Of Local Movers

Aside from supporting local business, choosing movers that operate locally and leaving the middleman out leads to a much better business transaction, and in the end, a much cleaner move. Why? Primarily honesty.

Working with a local mover, everything is laid out in black and white. Expectations, fees, rules, and specifics are all hashed out person to person, with no middleman to mess up the details. Additionally, local businesses have likely been around the block for a long time, letting you know you’re dealing with a business you can trust.