Why Spring is the Best Season To Move – Planning your move

Spring is a time of new beginnings with longer days and warmer weather, a good time of the year to plan a move. Typically, most people have no choice as to when they move, but rather real estate, family and work schedules all play a role in determining the timeliness of a move. However, for those of you who are fortunate enough to make the transition of moving as stress-free as possible; consider a move in spring!

Three good reasons to move in spring:

  1. Good weather – the weather can greatly impact the success of your move. In springtime, the weather is milder across the country which will make your move much easier and stress-free. You and your movers can move your personal belongings in a safe and more comfortable environment without the added worry of dangerous weather conditions.
  2. Spring Break – with the kids still in school, an ideal time to plan a move is spring break if you want to enlist help from everyone in the family. On the other hand, if the kids are preoccupied in school, this allows you the freedom to organize, pack and get ready for the move. Either way, both are good options.
  3. Availability of moving companies – the availability of moving companies is likely to be better in the spring versus the summer. Since summer is considered the most traditional time to move with the kids out of school and summer vacations, moving companies will be busier. Getting a head start and booking your move early will help ensure a successful move.

Remember to schedule your move at least 3 to 6 months in advance so you can get your preferred date and time with your professional mover. This will allow your mover to reserve the day and number of trucks you will need, along with scheduling the on-site visit to your home to make an inventory of your personal belongings.

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