• Tips for Settling in Your New Home After Your Move

    Tips for Settling in Your New Home After Your Move

    Moving away from a home where you have lived for years is never an easy thing to do, especially if you are moving to another city or across the country. Living in a new home can be exciting at first, but around the holiday season you may find yourself missing the ...
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  • Tips for Planning a Move During the Holiday Season

    Tips for Planning a Move During the Holiday Season

    The best way to execute a move is to plan and get organized early, following some simple steps so that you are prepared for any situation that may arise. Some planning and organizing will go a long way, especially during what can be an already busy and hectic time of ...
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  • 10.11.2018

    Getting Ready to Sell During National Kitchen & Bath Month

    Whether you find yourself getting ready to sell a home or even stay in your current home, remodeling is always a great investment. October just happens to be National Kitchen and Bath month, and this is the most popular month to remodel your kitchen or bath. If you’re thinking of putting your home ...
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  • 09.20.2018

    Checklist for Planning an Out of State Move

    Planning a move out of state can take twice as long to plan as a local move would. Not only do you have to plan a move long distance, but you also have to plan for setting up a residence in another state. This type of move usually takes longer to ...
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  • 08.13.2018

    Best Time to Plan a Move

    Planning your move on a certain day or even month, when most people aren’t planning their move, can save you both time and money. By planning your move during mid-week or off-season, you will potentially have the most resources available to you in terms of moving companies, moving vehicles, and ...
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  • Moving into a New Home as a First-Time Buyer

    Moving into a New Home as a First-Time Buyer

    First-time home buyers are often surprised to learn how much work is involved – not only in moving and purchasing a home, but setting it up as well. It can be hard to visualize how to set up a new home if you are not in it yet, so it ...
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  • 06.07.2018

    How Movers Calculate Estimates – What Your Move Will Cost

    If you are getting ready for a move, keep in mind that no two moves are the same and rarely are two moving estimates the same. Doing your own research and comparing estimates from different moving companies’ works best, rather than comparing your estimate with your neighbor’s estimate. There are always several factors, ...
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  • 05.03.2018

    A Simple Checklist for Moving Day

    Moving day is finally here! You have spent days, weeks, or even months planning in advance, with so many things to accomplish before your professional movers arrive. With all the planning, packing and organizing, it is now finally time to move. How does one prepare to leave a residence for ...
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  • 04.05.2018

    Peak Moving Season – When to book your Move for Summer

    Spring has arrived and summer is right around the corner. While peak season for commercial moves are during the winter months, residential moves peak during the spring, summer and fall months. Most people try to schedule their residential move during spring and summer months for a number of reasons. These reasons ...
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  • 03.09.2018

    How to Pack Boxes & the Moving Truck to Make Unpacking Easier

    We have all had the experience of standing in our new homes surrounded by moving boxes, and having no idea where to begin. The most important indication of how smooth unpacking goes will be how organized you were when you packed your belongings. FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE BUT THOROUGH TIPS: Use the right ...
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