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Complicated move

Hi Giancarlo,

Last month your company helped us move and I wanted to take a minute not only to thank you, but share my impressions of your service.

It started out with a rather complicated move – from (1) 3500 sq ft location, moving to 4 different locations. You were all set in your plans to do that when at the last minute we changed our destination to just 2 locations.

Your staff arrived on time, and was pleasant, courteous and professional. They take pride in their work, and took extra care of our belongings. I really like that you wrap all the furniture to offer an extra layer of protection. They also protected the home doorways, floors and banister. When they were done moving all the furniture, all I had to do was vacuum! Everything else looked great!

The same can be said about the protection in our new location. We had just had all the carpets cleaned the night before and they laid down protective covers to avoid any spotting.

All the furniture was placed to my specification, and fine tuned to meet my preference. All the boxes were in the correct rooms (how DO you do that?). That first night it only took us about an hour to unpack our immediate needs, and we were all set.

You also did a great job delivering some of the pieces to my daughter’s house. NOTHING WAS DAMAGED!!!! We’re truly grateful for how well everything went!

Best regards,

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