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Don’t Want to Pack? … Then Don’t Pack!

As exciting as moving to a new home can be, it usually also triggers flashbacks to previous moves, when you lived with boxes all around you for months, stacks of newspapers and tissue paper and packing material piling up in corners, all your possessions in disarray because you weren’t even sure where to begin packing up. For most people, moving equates to boxes, boxes everywhere for weeks on end, both where you’re coming from and where you’re going to.

But you don’t have to take on all that stress yourself. A reputable, professional moving company can do the packing for you—freeing you up for far more enjoyable and less tedious tasks, like picking new paint colors and making a profit by selling items you no longer use.

When you hire your movers to pack for you, they will:

  • Accurately estimate how many boxes and how much tape and bubble wrap your load will need—you no longer have to guess, only to discover you’ve run out on moving day
  • Work with your schedule, packing you up prior to the day of your move if you prefer
  • Optimize the organization of your belongings, packing like items together and balancing box weights
  • Carefully and securely pack all your goods, taking extra care with fragile items
  • Properly wrap and transport hard-to-pack items, like floor lamps and bicycles, to minimize chances of damage
  • Label all your belongings for you, both for ease of unpacking and efficient delivery to the correct rooms of your new home
  • Deliver boxes and unpack them at your destination
  • Place items as much or as little as you want, such as hanging clothes from wardrobe boxes in the appropriate closets, organizing the kitchen cabinets, or moving all the holiday decorations to the attic, basement, or garage
  • Dispose of all moving materials before leaving

And don’t worry: If there’s anything at all you’d rather pack up yourself and transport in your own vehicle, your moving team can be as “hands-off” or “hands-on” as you specify.

So if you want to take packing off your to-do list and start living in your new home the very day you move in, give us a call today for a free estimate on this value-added optional service.

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