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How to Avoid Moving Scams

Many people are unaware of moving company scams until it’s too late and the damage has been done. Common scams include being overcharged for services or not being compensated properly for damage to or loss of personal belongings, and these scams are more likely to occur with people who haven’t moved much in their life and therefore don’t have a lot of experience with the moving process. The truth is, the moving industry can be full of scams that the consumer should be aware of before hiring a professional moving company.


  1. Research moving companies
    Always do your homework first by researching at least three professional moving companies online, including their industry reviews and customer testimonials. It’s also a good idea to get word-of-mouth references from friends and family for reputable moving companies they have experience with and would recommend.
  2. Schedule an on-site visit
    Reputable movers will insist on coming to your location to inspect your household goods so they can estimate bulk and weight. For long-distance residential moves, your movers will also make an inventory list of those goods, including items in your cabinets and closets. Moving prices are based not only on mileage and time needed for transport, but on the weight of your belongings and the number of trucks needed per your particular move.
  3. Be cautious about payment
    Reputable moving companies will not request cash or a large deposit before your move. You generally pay upon delivery. If you pay up front, you have little to no control over whether you will see your belongings again. When it is time for payment, use a credit card to protect against any fraudulent activity.
  4. Confirm the moving company’s name
    Some companies know how to get around the Better Business Bureau and other scam-busting agencies by conducting business under different company names. Be sure to verify the name of the company you choose, along with a local address and information about the company’s licensing and insurance. Additionally, always ask for three references in your own local area that the company has serviced in the past three months.

When hiring a professional mover, to avoid any hidden fees or unexpected charges during your move, ask for a detailed estimate of the total cost of your move and a itemized invoice of all charges on your final bill.

To learn more about moving scams, visit: https://www.movingscam.com/ or https://www.bbb.org/article/news-releases/16917-bbb-tip-moving-scams.

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