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Insured Movers: Why It’s Important to Hire an Insured Moving Company

There’s moving insurance and there’s movers who are insured—they’re two different things, and when you’re choosing a company to trust with all your worldly possessions, you should understand the importance of hiring a moving company that you know carries adequate and appropriate insurance for themselves, apart from the separate insurance consumers can buy to protect their goods in transit.

In other words, it’s about the legitimacy of the company, not the value of your goods. So what does it mean when a moving company is insured—what’s the value of using that company over one that might have more open dates on the calendar or quote a lower price?

  • Insured companies are real companies. First and foremost, you want a legit, by-the-books company that operates efficiently and transparently. A moving company that can confirm their certificate of insurance for you is the “real deal,” as opposed to an outfit that, at best, does not have the experience and expertise to conduct your move smoothly and skillfully or, at worst, is trying to play you or running a scam.
  • Insured movers protect your assets. Movers with proper insurance coverage are safer—it’s as simple as that. A company that protects its own interests with, for example, auto liability, cargo coverage, and workers compensation, automatically protects your interests in kind. When there’s less risk to the company, this clearly translates to less risk to you.
  • Insurance equates to professionalism and dependability. A company that has the foresight and know-how to secure business insurance shows that they mean business. Generally speaking, it’s a safe bet to assume that a moving company that is competent and conscientious enough to attend to the process of becoming licensed and insured will also be better at planning, coordinating, and organizing for their clients to deliver the best service possible.

At BB&D, we’re proud to make it clear that we are insured. Our branding doesn’t incorporate this feature to give a false sense of professionalism; rather, we want to cement the fact that we are as professional and reliable as they come so that we can bring you the very best in friendly, clear, and exceptional service that surpasses expectations.

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