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Optimizing Your Move by Zeroing in on the Calendar

Moving is nobody’s idea of a good time, right? All the prioritizing and the packing, the checklists and the supplies, the organizing and reorganizing, updating addresses and changing utilities—the list goes on from there, and it can get more than a little overwhelming for anyone.

But there are some things you can do to not only prepare for the smoothest move possible, but to make it more cost-effective too, by picking a precise date for your move that can save you time and money.

Start by thinking “off”—off-peak, off-season, when moving companies are least busy, so the greatest amount of resources will be available to you. Then drill down from there:

WHAT MONTH? Certainly, you must take into account your own personal circumstances and required timelines, but if you can avoid scheduling your move from the middle of May through September—typically, the busiest months for residential moves—you’ll likely you be glad you did. Scheduling your move during the fall or winter will allow less of a time crunch and more affordable pricing (not to mention cooler weather!).

WHAT WEEK? Just like summertime is predictably the peak season for moves, the first week of the month (the 1st day of the month, to be exact) is routinely booked the most. So mid-month is the where you want to fall—on or around the 15th, when there’ll be fewer fellow clients on the roster.

WHAT DAY OF THE WEEK? Most people prefer to schedule their move for the weekend, when they’re off work and their kids are off school. This is especially true for do-it-yourself movers, meaning rental trucks might be in short supply and come at a premium. Monday to Thursday offers you the prime window for a more open, less stressful moving experience.

If your schedule allows for flexibility, think about using these tips to map out an ideal time frame for your move.

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