Preparing For A Move – The Checklist

A poorly planned or executed move can be one of the more taxing experiences in your life. At BB&D Transportation, Moving & Storage, we never want our patrons to experience a stressful moving event. Beyond perfect service, it’s the goal of our professional movers to ensure you enjoy your move and all that it brings!

How To Prepare For A Move: The Basics

The key to reducing stress on your move (or in general!) is organization. Having a clear to-do checklist, and all of the materials you need is the most important aspect. So what do you need? Surprisingly, not all that much! Avoid complicating your move, and ensure you have these things:

  • A calendar date. Or appointment book date, anything of the sort, really. While not a tangible item, a planned, scheduled date is the single most important item you can bring to a move. A proper date gives you an exact game plan, and allows you to coordinate appropriately.
  • At least three box sizes. Dependant upon your packing style, you’re going to need various box sizes to get everything organized. Boxes can be purchased from most general stores, or you can ask local stocking services if they have left over boxes to spare (liquor stores awesome for this!).
  • “Safe” boxes. Don’t depend on cardboard for everything! Plastic, wood or other sturdy box materials are excellent for fragile items like electronics, glass, china and heirlooms.
  • Packing material. Whether you get a big bag of styrofoam ‘peanuts’, rolls of tissue paper or just a large supply of loose newspaper, have something to fill packed boxes. You should never have loose space in your packed boxes!
  • Labelling Clear, distinct and easy to read lables are the key to organization. Be sure everything is very easy to understand. This helps both you, and your professional movers! And speaking of professional movers…
  • Professional movers.Of course, this isn’t a requirement, but it will make things much, much simpler. When it comes to packing, moving and carrying out your move expertly and without incident, no one does it better than a professional! Curious about why you would need a professional mover? We’ve discussed it at-length in a previous blog post! (“Do You Really Need A Packers And Movers Service?”)

Perfect, Stress Free Moves With BB&D

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