Whether you’re moving in or out of a home or office, you probably have items that need to be removed. If your office is getting new furniture, you may have old furniture that needs to be recycled or disposed of. Whatever your needs, BB&D can take all your unwanted items. We often work with charitable organizations that might be able to use your items. In some cases, we haul items to recycle facilities in the area.When you work with BB&D, there’s no reason to panic when buyers fail to show up to pick up equipment or furniture. Instead, we’ll take care of the items, either donating them to well-deserved non-profits, or preparing the items for disposal.Whether you are in need of residential moving services, commercial moving services, a secure storage facility or other assistance, BB&D’s experienced, dedicated staff will handle everything – from planning through execution – to protect your assets and your peace mind in a single, successful transaction.

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