Time Your Move Right to Minimize Stress

Moving is well known to be one of the more stressful experiences in life. But good planning can help minimize stress in many ways. One relatively simple thing you can do is to time your move right. By avoiding the times when most people move, you will typically have more resources available and lower prices, whether you’re hiring a moving company or moving yourself.

Best Time of Year to Move:

In terms of getting the best prices and highest availability of moving companies, moving trucks, and other moving resources, the best time of year to move is in the fall and winter. Most people move between May and September. If you happen to be moving into a rental property, you are more likely to get a better deal between October and April, as well.

Best Time of the Month to Move:

If possible, try to plan your move close to the middle of the month, right around the 15th. Since most home sales close during the last days of the month and leases typically end then as well, movers and moving trucks are in highest demand right around the first of the month. There are also not usually any major holidays near the middle of the month, adding to the benefits of moving then.

Best Time of Week to Move:

If you can’t choose what time of year or what part of the month you’ll be moving, aiming for a mid-week move (Monday through Thursday) will still help a great deal with available resources. The vast majority of moves happen from Friday through Sunday, when people have more flexibility with work schedules.

Best Time of Day to Move:

This one is just common sense. No matter what time of year, month, or week you’ll be moving, plan for an early start to your day. Whether you are moving yourself or hiring a moving company, it takes time to get everything loaded, moved, and unloaded. Plan to rise with the sun to make the most of your big day!

Moving during a moving company’s slower days also means that everyone (both you and the movers) are less rushed, and they can focus all of their attention on you! For more moving tips visit our website: www.bbdmoving.com