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Tips for Planning a Move During the Holiday Season

The best way to execute a move is to plan and get organized early, following some simple steps so that you are prepared for any situation that may arise. Some planning and organizing will go a long way, especially during what can be an already busy and hectic time of year.


Find a Mover:
Once you have made the decision to move and have set a timeframe, the next step is to start researching professional moving companies. They will be able to handle every aspect of your move from scheduling to packing and moving you to your new residence, whether it’s the same city or across the country. Make a list of three or four companies, researching them with a background check and references before choosing your professional mover. 

Schedule Your Moving Date:
After checking with your family and work schedules, deciding on your move date early on is crucial to getting the day you prefer and the moving company you want. Lock in your date with your mover once you know your schedule and you can plan your move around your activities. A benefit of moving around this time of year is demand is typically low for moving companies and you should be able to get the day you want along with a good price for your move.

Prepare for Weather & Traffic:
When moving during winter months you may have two concerns: inclement weather and more traffic than usual. Check the long range weather forecast to see if any storms are brewing and try to schedule your move accordingly. Be prepared for more holiday traffic and going with a weekday for your move, depending on when the holiday hits, may also be wise.

Pack Up:
Packing during the holiday season can be stressful along with all the other things you do such as shopping, cooking, and visiting relatives. Your professional movers can assist with providing all moving materials and supplies. They can also pack your belongings for you, for an additional fee to help save you time, and can also provide storage facilities should you need to store anything. Start packing early so you are not left running around at the last minute, packing up while trying to enjoy your holiday!

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