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Plan Your Move

With so many steps involved in the relocation process, it’s hard to decide where to begin, what resources are available to you, and how to begin to schedule the move. We’ve put together the following timeline to help you plan a move that is the most effective and efficient.


• Decide which items the movers will take and which items will stay with you, such as personal and valuable items.

• Identify those items that you wish to leave for the professionals to pack, and which ones you will pack yourself.

• Call BB&D Moving & Storage for an estimate on moving services.

• Arrange for packing with BB&D Moving & Storage.

• Begin your packing. Start with the items you don’t usually use, and reinforce the bottom of boxes with extra tape.

• Write the contents – and the room where it is to be placed upon delivery – on the top or sides of boxes with a permanent marker.

• Use large red lettering to mark boxes containing fragile items.


• Separate or give away flammable, combustible, corrosive or explosive items. By law, the moving company is not permitted to move these materials.

• Do not pack liquid items, bleach, or any other caustic cleaning products. The risk is not worth it.

• If necessary, reserve elevator and/or loading dock.

• Reserve the necessary space on the street where the truck will be parked.


• Keep personal items that you’ll need during the move in one room, such as the master bathroom.

• Defrost, dry, and clean up refrigerators and freezers that will be moved.

• Drain gas and oil from lawn mowers and other power equipment/tools.

• Drain garden hoses.

• Disconnect dryer, and disconnect and drain your washing machine. Disconnect cords on television, surround sound, and stereo equipment.

• Plan where your furniture will be placed for the movers to pick up (which room and which wall).

• Consult with BB&D Moving & Storage for a reliable cleaning service to clean the house after movers pick up your items.

• Finish your packing – remember to follow our tips for packing.


• Pack linens from the beds and other personal items.

• Take care of pets.

• Do a final walkthrough with the foreman, and make sure that everything you want to move is already gone.

• Confirm that the foreman has a contact phone number to reach you, as well as the direction details for delivery.

• Make sure windows are closed, closets are empty, lights are out and doors are locked.

• Keep your phone turned on and charged, so it’s available throughout moving day.


• Be available to work together with the moving crew to place the furniture and boxes in the right spaces at the destination, and to check off items on the inventory.


• Contact schools for children that are transferring.

• Arrange to have utilities and telephones disconnected, and then connected at destination.

• Discontinue delivery services.

• Send change of address cards.

• Make arrangements for your trip (maps, airline tickets, hotel reservation, etc.).

• Keep prescriptions for your family and pets with you.

• Have your car checked prior to your trip.

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