• 11.09.2020

    Moving 101: The Basics

    With as much as 25% of the U.S. adult population moving or considering a move amid the current national climate, relocating is a timely topic and has taken center stage in a lot of people’s minds. Whether you’re 18 or 80, own a little or a lot, or are moving ...
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  • 10.06.2020

    Tips for Moving in the Fall

    Fall can be a great time of year to move. The weather cools down, making the manual labor side of things more comfortable, without having to pack and haul in the heat of summer. Not only that, but since the spring-to-summer span is the most popular time of year to ...
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  • 09.16.2020

    What NOT to Pack on the Moving Truck

    Much has been written about prepping and packing for the moving van when the big day arrives. But it’s just as important to know what not to pack—what to hold out and transport yourself, either because (a) certain items are not permitted on moving company trucks or because (b) certain ...
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  • 08.21.2020

    Not Your Average Move

    When people think about moving, most often they envision a pretty straight line from here to there: You sell or vacate one place, pack it up, and move into another, right? But sometimes that’s not the case. Sometimes, in the fluid, flexible, and open society we live in, people have more ...
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  • 07.21.2020

    What Are “Rogue Movers”?

    The world is full of wonderful people to meet, services to try, and places to go. Unfortunately, it’s also got its fair share of wheelers and dealers, shady schemes, and unscrupulous scammers. The damage “questionable” elements can do varies in degree and depth, and when it comes to moving—to entrusting ...
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  • 06.15.2020

    Can’t I Just Move Myself?

    When it comes to packing up and moving out, most people are concerned about the associated expenses—and rightly so. It’s both savvy and sensible to want to weigh the pros and cons of hiring a professional moving service versus trying to go the DIY route. Will it be worth the ...
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  • 05.02.2020

    How Do I Move My Piano?

    It’s pretty common knowledge that hiring a professional company for a long-distance move will drastically cut down on the stress and drastically improve your chances of a smooth, problem-free relocation. Sure, small moves for an individual just starting out in a new apartment can readily be handled by a U-Haul ...
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  • 04.07.2020

    Costly Mistakes Made When Hiring Movers

    Planning a big move in the near future? Great! Moving can be a fantastic experience, full of new adventures, fresh starts, and clean slates. But there can also be an unfortunate downside. Sometimes moves don’t go as planned, and there’s no shortage of people with stories about how they got ...
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  • 03.05.2020

    Insured Movers: Why It’s Important to Hire an Insured Moving Company

    There’s moving insurance and there’s movers who are insured—they’re two different things, and when you’re choosing a company to trust with all your worldly possessions, you should understand the importance of hiring a moving company that you know carries adequate and appropriate insurance for themselves, apart from the separate insurance ...
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  • 02.10.2020

    Why to Choose Local Movers Over Brokers

    When it’s time to choose a moving service, there’s certainly no shortage of options out there! If you start your search on the internet, you’ll have hundreds, even thousands, of listings literally at your fingertips in seconds flat. Between the huge nationwide chains, moving brokers, and local companies, how do ...
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